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Wheels, rims for Transit MK9

Wheels, rims for the Transit MK9 are parts that enable the movement of the Transit produced from 2019, such as rims or wheel covers. In the Transit Center store you will find all original parts as well as high-quality spare parts for wheels. The hubcaps fulfill aesthetic functions and protect the wheel rim. Wheel covers protect the rims against the negative influence of external factors, such as sand, road salt, or even intense sunlight. Among the products in this category of parts for vans, there are wheel nuts, which allow the assembly of the rim and the nut cover. Ford Transit MK9 is available for sale with single wheels and double rear wheels (twin wheels). All Ford Transits produced from 2019 have 16-inch wheels for which 235/65 R16 tires should be used.

Rims for Transit 2019

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