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Transit Oil filter housing, Transit fixing the oil filter, oil filter cap.

Housing oil filter Ford Transit, Transit fixing the oil filter, oil filter cap. Oil filter housing is an important part of our supply bus. It is mounted in the oil filter, which ensures the purity of engine oil. Housing oil filter Transit model MK6 and MK7 is a plastic nut. For this model to replace the oil filter, unscrew the plastic nut in which is mounted a paper cartridge. A common problem users of these Fords is damage to the plastic cork. This occurs mainly during unscrewing. After purchasing the new part you have to remember that with sufficient force tighten the oil filter cap. This will avoid unexpected failures during subsequent exchanges. However, in some cars, for example. Ford Transit Connect 2005 years of production from 1.8 TDCI engine performed metal filter, which is screwed in the oil cooler. However, regardless of the type of these filters, it is important to replace them whenever replacing the engine oil. Failure to do so may result in rapid wear of the oil and the loss of their respective properties.
Transit Oil filter housing

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