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Transit clutch release lever.

Transit clutch release lever. It is part of the drive system transit. The clutch catches mounted thrust bearing. Some columns Ford Transit clutch has a counter-weight, which receives the oscillations of the coupling during operation. Not all models of Ford Transit clutch release. On models Ford Transit MK2, MK3 and MK4, MK5 it clutch release. In models MK6 occur MK7 paws and couplings only in RWD. In transit, the hydraulic system of the warehouse were replaced with front wheel drive clutch released. A frequent damage to clutch release is crack. You must then remove the gearbox to replace to scratch the clutch release. Replacing the clutch foot is a complex activity, we recommend the repair of that item in the garage. In our shop we offer a huge selection of these parts new and used. Welcome.
Transit clutch release lever

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