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Mirror Renault Master electric, right mirror, left mirror, mirror on long arm and mirror on short arm

Renault Master mirror is one of the main elements of the car improving both driver's safety and comfort of use. The side mirror on the long arm for Renault Master has an arm length of about 20 centimeters. By using the long arm mirror in the Renault Master, the driver has a much wider field of view of the area behind his vehicle. The left mirror or the right mirror on a short arm for Renault Master is used on the smaller Renault body variants. The electric mirror on a short arm is most often used in the Renault Master passenger version and in the version with short wheelbase.

Left and right Renault Master mirror

Mirrors for Renault Master adapted to the left side of the vehicle have a 7-pin electrical connector enabling the mirror to be properly set and heated. The electric mirror, right for Renault Master, allows the driver to set the side mirror correctly. Thanks to the 9-pin connector, the driver can also read the temperature outside. The electric mirror equipped with a 9-pin connector has an external temperature sensor built into the mirror housing. The right mirror and the left mirror are available in two types of length: short and long (about 20 centimeters of the length of the arm).

Renault Master electric mirror

The electric mirror for Renault Master can be equipped with one of two types of connectors: 7-pin or 9-pin. The electric mirror equipped with a 7-pin connector in the Renault Master allows the driver to freely set the side mirror and turn on its heating. An electric mirror having a 9-pin connector allows you to additionally read the temperature outside the vehicle. The use of electric side mirrors in the Renault Master significantly improves the comfort of using the car. The driver with a few "clicks" is able to set the correct mirror angle and turn on the mirror heating when the air temperature is negative. In the case of a manual mirror for Renault Master, the driver must use the appropriate levers to perform the same movements. A renowned manufacturer of mirrors for Renault Master is Trateo Ltd., which specializes in the production of parts for vans, the quality of which is at the highest level. Trateo Ltd. products are also available in the Transit Center store, where you will find both electric and manual mirrors for Renault Master.
Renault Master mirror

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