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Mirror for Peugeot Boxer electric, right, left, on long and short arm

The Peugeot Boxer mirror is a basic element of the vehicle body. The Peugeot Boxer mirror on the long arm optimizes the view range and eliminates the "blind spot" effect. However, it should be noted that a long arm about 20 centimeters protrudes beyond the outline of the van, which sometimes causes impacts by other inattentive traffic participants. Peugeot Boxer Mirror on a short arm is the solution found in the vast majority of delivery vehicles. Choosing the right mirror should meet the individual requirements of the driver.

mirror right and left for Peugeot Boxer

Side mirrors are mounted on the door of Peugeot Boxer. The left-hand mirror is located on the driver's side door in the European version of the vehicle. The right mirror is located on the front passenger door on left-hand drive vehicles. Each mirror has individual zooming in and out properties, especially for two-part mirrors. The mirrors offered in our online store are perfectly matched to the mounting place where the old mirror was located.

electric mirror for Peugeot Boxer

Electric mirror for Peugeot Boxer provides high comfort mirror control. The electric mirrors come in two versions: with an outside temperature sensor (10 PIN) and without an outside temperature sensor (8 PIN). The 10-pin mirror has two plugs - 8 pin and 2 pin. The first is responsible for the electric control of the mirror, and the second is responsible for the outside temperature sensor. The Transit Center store also offers mirrors with a single 8 pin plug without an external temperature sensor. Particularly noteworthy are the mirrors manufactured by Trateo LTD, which is responsible for the production of mirrors for Peugeot Boxer in the premium class.
Peugeot Boxer mirror

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