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Oil filter for Fiat Ducato

Oil filter for Fiat Ducato, its main task is to protect the engine from harmful contaminants. During the life of the vehicle, engine oil can collect metal particles, soot, dust and other particles that can cause excessive wear on engine components. An oil filter effectively removes these contaminants, providing clean oil to lubricate the engine. Oil filter size for Fiat Ducato depends on the model and the engine to which the filter fits. Our shop offers oil filters for Fiat Ducato with engines:
- 1.9 D , 1.9 TD
- 2.2 Multijet
- 2.3 JTD Multijet
- 2.5 TD , 2.5 TDI
- 2.8 JTD , 2.8 TD , 2.8 TDI
- 3.0 JTD

Oil filter change Fiat Ducato

To ensure optimum performance and longevity of your Fiat Ducato engine, it is recommended that the oil filter is changed regularly along with the engine oil. The frequency of the change depends on the conditions in which the vehicle is being used, but it is usually recommended that it is carried out every 10,000-15,000 km or every year, or when a light pops up to check the oil filter. To change the oil filter, the first thing to do is to drain the engine oil. Then you can proceed to the removal of this oil filter. Once the old oil filter has been removed. In the case of the plastic cover, the o-ring must be removed and a cleaning agent used to clean the cover of the old oil then the new o-ring must be fitted. Once this has been done, you can move on to fitting the new oil filter. Before fitting, it is a good idea to lubricate the gasket of the new filter with fresh engine oil.

Fiat Ducato oil filter location

The location of the oil filter in the Fiat Ducato may vary depending on the model year and engine version. However, on most Fiat Ducato models, the oil filter is located in a fairly accessible place in the engine compartment. In the main, you can look for it at the side or bottom of the engine, the fact that it looks like a metal can with a large nut, or oil filter cover, may help in locating it. On newer models, the oil filter may be in the form of a plastic container with a replaceable filter element.
Oil filter Ducato

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