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Mirror Nissan NV400 electric, right mirror, left mirror, mirror on long arm and mirror on short arm.

The Nissan NV400 rearview mirror is an extremely important element of commercial vehicle exterior equipment. The electric mirror in the Nissan NV400 significantly improves the safety of the driver and other road users. This is because the driver has a broader picture of the situation that is happening around his car. Side mirror for Nissan NV400 car comes in two types of length: long and short. The mirror on the short arm Nissan NV400 is most often found in cars with a short wheelbase. In the case of the Nissan NV400 long wheelbase is recommended to use the long arm mirrors. The electric mirror on the long arm has a much wider range of visibility.

Nissan NV400 right mirror and left mirror

The Nissan NV400 mirror can be equipped with a 9-pin or 7-pin connector depending on the equipment version and the side on which the mirror is intended. Left mirror for Nissan NV400 usually has a 7-pin connector that is responsible for the correct positioning of the side mirror and its heating. The right mirror is additionally equipped with an outside temperature sensor that provides the driver with information about the conditions outside the vehicle. The Nissan NV400 has such a distribution of sensors because the side mirrors on the right are much less likely to suffer mechanical damage than the mirrors on the left.

Electric mirror Nissan NV400

The electric mirror for Nissan NV400 is an extremely important element of equipment chosen by all drivers. The use of electric side mirror adjustment has significantly improved the comfort of traveling with a commercial vehicle. By using the electric mirror for Nissan NV400, the driver sets the right angle of the mirror from the driver's cabin with a few "clicks", the driver is also able to turn on the heating of the side mirror and read the temperature outside using an external temperature sensor located in the right mirror housing of the NV400. Electrical mirrors available in the Transit Center store are ideally suited for utility vehicles of the Nissan NV400 brand. Right-hand mirrors and left-hand mirrors for Nissan NV400 were manufactured with the greatest attention to detail by the manufacturer who produces spare parts for commercial vehicles of the highest quality Trateo Ltd.
Nissan NV400 mirror

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