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Mirror Iveco Daily electric, right mirror, left mirror, mirror on long arm and mirror on short arm.

The Iveco Daily mirror is one of the main elements of the Iveco Daily body. The Iveco Daily side mirror on the long arm increases the driver's view angle and allows you to correctly assess the situation at the rear of the vehicle. The long arm mirror for Iveco Daily is usually electrically operated. This significantly increases the driver's traveling comfort and the range of possibilities to set the right angle in the side mirror. The short arm mirror for Iveco Daily is in turn available with short wheelbases. It is characterized by a shorter arm, thanks to which the Iveco Daily driver has more room for maneuver and fits into narrower streets. Two types of mirrors in Iveco Daily give the driver the opportunity to choose the right mirror for his abilities.

Right and left Iveco Daily mirror

There are two types of mirrors for Iveco Daily. Iveco Daily right mirror and Iveco Daily left mirror. The left mirror is mounted on the driver's door in a version designed for right-hand traffic. The right mirror Iveco Daily is located on the passenger door in cars adapted for right-hand traffic. Each Iveco Daily mirror has its own individual settings, which can be adjusted by means of an electric impulse or manually, using the lever located next to the mirror from the inside of the vehicle.

Iveco Daily electric mirror

The electric mirrors for Iveco Daily are characterized by different designs. Electric mirrors Iveco Daily also occur on the long and the short arm and are controlled by a switch inside the cab Iveco Daily. The Iveco Daily electric mirror is usually equipped with a 9-pin connector through which electrical impulses are sent to the side mirror, which then sets the right angle and tilt of the Iveco Daily mirror. The Iveco Daily electric mirror can also be equipped with an external sensor to measure the outside temperature. Some Iveco Daily side mirrors also have an external antenna. In the Transit Center online store you will find electric and manual mirrors for Iveco Daily equipped with and without an external temperature sensor. Particularly noteworthy here are the side mirrors for Iveco Daily manufactured by Trateo Ltd., which is responsible for the production of mirrors for Iveco Daily in premium quality.
Iveco Daily mirror

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