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Ford Transit wheel rim, rim on double wheels, steel wheel rim Transit

Ford Transit wheel rim, rim on double wheels, steel wheel rim Transit. In a Ford Transit car, we can find many types of rims. Transit MK2 MK3 MK4 MK5, which was produced from 1978 to 2000, can meet 14 and 15 inch steel rims. In newer models above 2000, they used mainly 15- and 16-inch wheels. It should be noted that the Transit MK6 and MK7, on 16-inch single wheels, had the same rims. In addition, some versions of Ford have produced their cars in the model on the double wheels on the back, so called. twins. In this case, the rim is different from the standard version of the single-wheel rear van. In addition to steel rims, you can also find aluminum wheels. These are mainly in newer Transit models, which significantly improve the appearance of this bus. However, regardless of the Transit type, each wheel can be damaged or crushed. In that case, we invite you to our online store. We have original rims for most Transit models. However, if you have a problem with choosing the right wheel for your car, please contact our customer service. You will find professional help in locating the right Ford Transit wheel.
Ford Transit wheel rim

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