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Ford Transit Thermostat

Ford Transit Thermostat, element of cooling system, thermostat operation, cooling system in internal combustion engine. The thermostat is one of main element in the cooling system of van. If it get broken, there isn’t any chances to proper cooling of the engine. The thermostat against all logic is very simple unit in construction. This is a simple bellows made of thin brass sheet, equipped with a so-called poppet valve.

thermostat for Transit van

In Ford Transit 2013, when the fluid is cold this thermostat remains closed, and the fluid flows around the engine block and head, reaching to the thermostat. However, while the temperature oscillate between 90 – 95 Celsius degrees, the thermostat below by the action of heat opens the valve, so that it gets to the cooler. In this way, fluid flowing through the radiator decreases the temperature of about 20 Celsius degrees in Ford Transit, and the thermostat is closed again.

Thermostat Ford Transit

On the ground of the role, which the thermostat plays in vans, in its production specialized many companies; some better, some worse which offer poor quality substitutes. In our internet shop we try to sell only high quality products, i.e. original Ford parts and also subassemblies like BSG and Motorcraft, with which there aren’t any problems and its durability is longer than the original.
Ford Transit Thermostat

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