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Gearbox gearbox Ford Transit, mounting gear, paw box Ford Transit.

Gearbox gearbox Transit, Ford Transit paw box, fixing the gearbox. Gearbox combines the chest of the vehicle body, while allowing absorb vibrations generated during driving and the engine is running. However, like any other part may wear. When this happens, please visit our online store. There you can find a large assortment of parts to supply Ford cars. However, you should remember to choose the right product. In a supply Ford Transicie to any type of transmissions are used in a variety of pillows. In older models Ford Transit 2.5 Diesel engines which were mounted transmissions MT-75 had one kind of cushion gearbox. But the bigger problem may be with the selection of a suitable mounting box in newer models. An example would be the Ford Transit 2005 years. Here to choose the right pillow gearbox carefully to know if you have Transit with rear wheel drive and the 2.4 engine or the car has front-wheel drive and the 2.0-liter engine. Another important piece of information whether it is a transmission 5-or 6-speed. If, however, you will have a problem with the selection of the appropriate part please contact our sales.
Ford Transit Gearbox pillow

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