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Ford Transit air conditioning radiator, also known as Ford Tranist air conditioning condenser.

The Ford Transit air conditioning radiator, also known as the air conditioning condenser, is primarily responsible for cooling the compressed air conditioning gas. By cooling the gas that is in the air conditioning system, the air conditioning radiator turns it into a liquid state for subsequent proper operation of the entire air conditioning system in Ford Transit cars. Air conditioning radiator occurred mainly in models of the Ford Transit and Ford Transit MK7 MK6, as well as in smaller varieties Transit, the Ford Transit Connect and Ford Transit Custom. Air conditioning radiator, air conditioning condenser is unfortunately susceptible to mechanical damage and corrosion. All through the complex design, and delicate parts, often made of aluminum.

The most common damage to an air conditioning radiator is unsealing due to mechanical damage. A damaged air conditioning radiator will start to lose coolant gas, and thus, the car air conditioning will stop working properly. Coolant leakage is not only dangerous for the air conditioning system, but also for the entire car and the environment. So be sure to check the condition of the air conditioning radiator and react when it needs replacing. Thanks to this action, we save a lot of time and nerves on hot days, wanting to cool the Ford Transit cabin to the optimal temperature. The air conditioning radiator, air conditioning condenser in the Transit Center store appears in most cases as the original Ford product, characterized by the highest quality of workmanship.
Ford Transit air conditioning radiator

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