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Mirror for Fiat Ducato electric, left, right, side are body parts

Mirrors for Fiat Ducato are very important parts responsible for improving the safety and comfort of driving. Side mirrors come in several versions - left, right, on a short arm, on a long arm. The differences also apply to the number of plugs and pins you have. Mirrors equipped with an outside temperature sensor have two plugs for 8 PIN and 2 PIN. The left-hand mirror is mounted on the driver's side in Fiat Ducato European versions. The right mirror is installed on the passenger side door. Side mirrors divided into two parts, differ in the properties of zooming in and out depending on the side on which they are mounted. Appropriate mirror installation increases the view angle and the driver's range of visibility.

Electric mirror for Fiat Ducato

The mirrors come in two versions of the control, which are set at the right angle. The electric mirror is connected to the Fiat Ducato by a special plug that allows electric control of the side mirror. A more outdated solution is the manual mirrors that are found on older models. They are characterized by manual mechanical control. The advantage of the electric side mirror is the ease of adjustment. However, it is at risk of defects in electronics. Manual mirrors are controlled with less comfort and are exposed to mechanical damage.

Fiat Ducato mirror on long and short arm

Depending on the predisposition of the driver, Fiat Ducato side mirrors are mounted on the short and long arm. The short mirror arm reduces the chance of damage to the mirror due to impact. The mirrors on the long arm are extended by nearly 20 cm, very often they go outside the vehicle's body and thus are exposed to impact from other road users. In our online store you will find a diverse range of mirrors for Fiat Ducato: both on the short arm and long arm. In versions with one plug (8 pin) and two plugs (10 pin). The 10 PIN mirrors are equipped with an outside temperature sensor.
Fiat Ducato mirror

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