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Sliding door roller Ford Transit 1986 top Trateo new

Sliding door roller Ford Transit 1986 top Trateo new



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Sliding door roller Ford Transit 1986 top Trateo new

The sliding door roller fits Ford Transit models MK3, MK4 and MK5. It is suitable for both the right and left sides of the sliding door. It is mounted to a special bracket which is located at the top of the sliding door. The sliding door roller for the Ford Transit is a high-quality product from Trateo.

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK3 1986-1991
Ford Transit MK4 1991-1994
Ford Transit MK5 1994-2000

Part number:

86VB-V25028-AMYCQ , 86VBV25028AMYCQ

86VB-V25028-AL , 86VBV25028AL

86VB-V25028-AK , 86VBV25028AK

86VB-V25028-AK , 86VBV25028AK

86VB-V25028-AJ , 86VBV25028AJ

86VB-V25028-AH , 86VBV25028AH

86VB-V25028-AF , 86VBV25028AF

86VB-V25028-AE , 86VBV25028AE

86VB-V25028-AC , 86VBV25028AC

86VB-V25028-AB , 86VBV25028AB


1006374 , 6696544

1663203 , 6188914

6185240 , 6180188

6162186 , 6160754

6154856 , 6148500

New product:

Assembly difficulty scale (1-5):
3 - you are able to assemble the part if you have the necessary tools but it requires more time

Product quality:
spare part - premium quality

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Ho ricevuto tutto quanto richiesto in perfette condizioni. Ottimi materiali. Grazie
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