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Renault Master 2020 - a real revolution

The new Renault Master 2020 was presented for the first time in Paris during special show dedicated to Renault commercial vehicles. The Renault Master of the fourth generation is available in over 250 versions to choose from, thanks to which it will perfectly adapt to any type of business. Interestingly, the new Renault Master of the fourth generation is also available as an electric version with a special designation: Z.E.

For the first time since its debut, Renault Master is more similar to the Renault’s passenger model range. The front of the vehicle has a new chrome radiator grille and LED daytime lights perfectly fitted the modern style. Ergonomics and functionality of the Renault Master interior was important part of designing new generation of the van. Renault Master 2020 is equipped with an intelligent cockpit and navigation systems while driving, called as Easy Drive.

The new Renault Master model also uses more powerful and efficient engines with the designations: dCi 135, Energy dCi 150 and Energy dCi 180. The new range of engines has been equipped with an SCR exhaust purification system based on selective catalytic reduction, which allows to significantly reduce NOx emissions by injecting AdBlue fluid. The new Twin Turbo engines have high torque at low revs. However, this doesn’t affect their power. New engines have two turbochargers. The first one is used to obtain a significant torque from the lowest rpm. Second turbocharger enters the action at higher revs and enables trouble-free achievement of high power with uniform acceleration.

The Renault Master of the fourth generation debuted at the end of 2019 collected very positive feedback. In 2019, the Renault Master of the third generation was the best-selling commercial vehicle in Eastern Europe, all indications are that the 2020 model can also take the lead in this segment.

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