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Renault Master III - modernity and unification of names

Renault Master of the third generation as well as the second generation was created in cooperation with three manufacturers: Renault, Nissan and Opel / Vauxhall. In this case Nissan decided to change the name from Interstar to NV400. Renault Master gave up the name Mascott and since then the largest variant was offered simply as the Renault Master.

The third generation of Renault Master once again stood out from the competition. Unprecedented design, large radiator grille and large lamps immediately let other road users know that they are dealing with the new Renault Master model. The new van’s generation also has new body versions with increased gross vehicle weight. A version with a DMC of 4.5 tons has joined the offer! Renault Master in this variant was offered only with rear-wheel drive. This variant has twin wheels. The 3.5 ton version is offered with front or rear wheel drive to choose from.

Owners of the new Renault Master didn’t have any problem with choosing right capacity of the power unit for their vans. All diesel engines used in the Renault Master of the third generation had the same capacity of 2.3 liters. However, they differed in power and generated from 100 to 170 horsepower. The new model could be powered by a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed semi-automatic transmission.

Renault Master III had four versions of the body length, which differed mainly in the wheelbase: L1 - 3182 mm (FWD), L2 - 3682 mm (RWD), L3 - 3682 mm (FWD), L3 - 4332 (FWD) and L4 - 4332 mm (RWD). As we can see, the L3 version is available in two variants of wheelbase and front-wheel or rear-wheel drive. The external parameters of the van didn’t change and both versions have a length of 6198 mm.

In October 2019, Renault presented completely new Renault Master. The third generation of the van is slowly being discontinued.

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