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Renault Master II - Van of the Year 1998

Work on the second generation of Renault Master began in 1987. However, due to the high design costs and good sales of the first generation, work was discontinued. In 1989, Renault came to an agreement with the DAF and designers work began again. After the bankruptcy of the DAF company, Renault took over the entire process of designing the new generation of Renault Master van and started looking for a new partner. General Motors became a business partner in 1996. The first result of cooperation was the Renault Traffic sold by General Motors as the Opel Arena / Vauxhall Arena. A year later the second generation of Renault Master saw the light of day. Van from the very beginning gathered a lot of positive feedback. In 1998 Renault Master of the second generation won the prestigious Van of the Year award. Despite the difficult beginnings, financial problems and bankruptcy of one of the design companies, it rewarded the brand's persistence in pursuing the goal by winning the most important award of the year.

From the beginning, Renault Master II was offered in several body variants: classic Van, station wagon (passenger version), cargo van, built-in platform and frame with single or double cab. The greatness of available versions has allowed each user to individually choose the right vehicle. Renault Master passenger versions accommodated from 6 to even 16 passengers in minibuses. On the other hand, the utility versions were characterized by high load capacity and extraordinary traveling comfort. The seats at Renault Master were comfortable and became the driver's best friend during long journeys.

In 2003, Renault decided to refresh the design of its utility vehicle, which is Renault Master. The Renault Master 2003’s facelift obtained the front of the van. New, larger lights; a new radiator grille, bonnet and bumper were used. All these changes refreshed the look of the van and adapted to the current conditions prevailing on the commercial vehicle market. The interior of the Renault Master has also changed, becoming more practical and functional.

Renault Master was offered with a large number of engines to choose from. In the initial production phase, customers had a choice of 2.5 liter diesel unit, 2.8 dTi and slightly later 1.9 tDi. In 2000, dCi engines with direct Common Rail injection also joined the offer, replacing older engines. Other units available in Renault Master were: 1.9 dTi (80KM), 2.2 DTI (90KM), 2.5D (80KM), 2.5 dCi (100KM), 2.5 DTI (115KM), 2.5 dCi (120KM), 2.5 dCi (145KM), 2.8 DTI (114HP) and 3.0 dCi (136HP).

Renault Master II production ended in 2010, when Renault presented the third generation of the Renault Master van to the world.

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