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New solutions that you will find in Peugeot Boxer 2020

Every year, car manufacturers try to introduce new technologies and solutions to the entire range of their vehicles. One of them is BlueHDi technology, which was introduced to the passenger car market in 2013. Thanks to the development of SCR technology, it was possible to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 90%. It was also associated with the introduction of AdBlue technology, which is a kind of catalyst for harmful particles. Peugeot Boxer 2020 has an AdBlue tank with a capacity of 15 liters, which should allow covering approximately 10,000 km. The urea solution infusion was located above the fuel filler.

2-liter diesel units have gone out of market, giving way to the new generation with a capacity of 2.2 liters. The new solutions meet the Euro 6d environmental standards. All Peugeot Boxers 2020 have a start-stop system. In autumn 2020, the fully electric version of Boxer with a range of about 250-270 km is also to debut.

The equipment variants include a highway version with high driving comfort. The second variant is designed for people who cover very large distances on various types of ground, including dirt roads. Possible configurations include additional features such as pedestrian recognition radar and blind spot sensors. The new internal door design has been expanded with an additional pocket for a 1.5-liter bottle. Everything also indicates that at the end of 2022 production will be started at the Gliwice plant. The new investment is to enable the production of up to 100,000 delivery trucks within a calendar year. It is very likely that the production will relate to the new generation of Boxer, which will debut on the automotive market in the next few years.

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