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Parts for Peugeot Boxer II - genuine and spare parts for Boxer 2006

Do you have a Peugeot delivery vehicle? Are you looking for Peugeot Boxer II parts? You should familizare yourself with our offer. We have premium quality parts for Boxer 2006 and other vans. Transit Center is company with many years of experience and stable position on the European market. Second generation of Peugeot Boxer had world premiere in 2006, just like twin vans: Citroen Jumper and Fiat Ducato. Manufactured was focused on expanding types of bodywork and improving comfort of driving the light commercial vehicle. The new parts in Boxer II were automatic gearbox, GPS navigation and automatic A/C. These solutions were implemented from passenger cars. Truck and minibuses are owned mainly by businesses. Van drivers cover dozen of thousands kilometers, that's why vehicle comfort and dependablity are so crucial. Vans are mainly powered by diesel engines. That's why there is no gasoline engine in Boxer II. Peugeot Boxer 2006 parts that build diesel engine are available in our store. 2nd generation of Boxer is offered with 3 kinds of diesel engines in 4 power variants.

Headlights and radiator grille are new parts in Boxer 2014 after facelift

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