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Nissan Interstar - the youngest of the three

The Nissan Interstar is Nissan's largest utility vehicle in the 3.5 tonne segment and was unveiled in 2002. This year, Nissan and Renault have joined forces. Nissan Interstar was created as the successor to the Nissan Trade model. Nissan after the merger from 2002 joined Renault and Opel producing a twin van model.

Nissan Interstar debuted on the market in 2002 offering very good transport properties as well as a very functional interior. Nissan Interstar was the only one out of all three (Movano, Master, Interstar) without the variant above 3.5 tonnes. This was mainly due to the needs of the market to which it was dedicated. Nissan Interstar was available in three lengths L1, L2 and L3. It allowed a comfortable trip for 2, 3, 6 or even 16 people.

In 2003, the Nissan Interstar front-end carrier was modernized. A completely new look was introduced for the headlights, grille, bonnet and front bumper. Homever, new design isn’t the only changes introduced in 2003. This year, Nissan’s offer also includes an automatic transmission, ABS, braking assistant and (optionally) ESP.

Only 1.9 dTi (80HP), 2.2 DTi (90HP), 2.5 dCi (100HP), 2.5 DTI (115HP), 2.5 dCi (120HP), 2.5 dCi (145HP), 2.8 DTI (114HP) and 3.0 dCi (136HP) were used for the Nissan Interstar drive. The power was transmitted to the front wheels by 5 or 6 speed manual gearbox or a 6 speed automated transmission.

In 2010, production of the Nissan Interstar was terminated. In its place appeared a completely new model Nissan NV400, which continued cooperation between Renault, GM and Nissan.

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