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Nissan Interstar spare parts

The Nissan Interstar was first Nissan van after the merger with Renault in 2002. Nissan Interstar has completly different style then previous Nissan vans because it was intended for European market. A Nissan Interstar was designed to meet European regulations, standards and optimize the payload of the vehicle. Of course, cooperation with Renault made things a lot easier. Nissan does not need to create a brand new vehicle from scratch. It was enough to use the technology and ideas of the French brand. The same applies to the parts for Nissan Interstan, that were designed and manufactured by Renault. The first Nissan vans from 2002 were still based on the old construction, that was heavily restored in 2003. Among the Nissan Interstar parts that have changed are all parts of the front bodywork and the interior. Also dashboard and storage compartments have been optimized. If the bodywork of the van was completly different, we could talk about a new model, not just a facelifting. Nissan Interstar is a twin van to Renault Master and Opel Movano. The vehicles are different just in small visual details, thanks to which most Nissan Interstar parts are trusted products from Movano.

Spare parts for Nissan Interstar

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