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Iveco Daily 1999 - the beginning of the indestructible 3.0 unit

In 1999, Iveco presented to the world a brand new Iveco Daily model named as the second generation of Iveco Daily. However, we must remember that this model is described by many users as the third generation. Also in our juxtaposition we have already used the designation of the second generation. That’s why in the next text we will refer to the Iveco Daily 1999 as the third generation.

The new Iveco Daily model has allowed the brand to maintain its position as both a leader and a pioneer in the field of new power units. The third generation Iveco Daily uses direct Common Rail fuel injection, it was the first design of this type introduced to delivery vehicles on the European market. A new look and new - more economical engines allowed Iveco Daily to achieve the most important award which is Van of the Year title in 2000, i.e. a year after the presentation of the new model.

In 2004, the third-generation Iveco Daily underwent a slight modernization, which above all improved the drag coefficient and slightly remodeled the front of the van - air intake grille / radiator grille. In the newer version the grill is chrome-plated. Iveco Daily of the third generation was also available for the first time on the South American market, where its production took place (Brazil). With the beginning of the new model, a number of new body versions debuted. Iveco Daily Camper joined the offer, as well as military versions with all-wheel drive and M 40.12 VM designation. New versions of the vehicle included box versions, cargo vans and minibuses - a convertible for 12-13 people.

Also in 2004, Iveco presented a completely new diesel engine, which has become the brand's calling card and is used until today. We are talking about a 3-liter unit developing up to 176 hp. The TurboDaily designation has also been discontinued since the release of the third generation of Iveco Daily. Every Iveco model already had a turbocharger. Iveco Daily equipped with a 3-liter diesel engine is indestructible van. Its reliable engines, durable suspension and durable construction allowed Iveco to remain the leader among the vans sold in Europe.

One of the curiosities that has spread around the world is the fact that Iveco Daily has also been produced and sold in China since 2004. However, second-generation Iveco Daily models were manufactured on that market. In this way, Iveco Daily produced in Europe in the years 1996 - 2000 became immortal. On the Chinese market, this model underwent gentle modernizations at the front and the interior equipment was also improved.

The designation of the third generation models consists of 5 or 6 characters: xxL1yyL2, where:

xx – digits indicating the permissible total weight in tonnes;
L1 – letter L - delivery van from the lower range of the maxi class, S - delivery van from the upper range of maxi class, C - light (or medium) truck;
yy – digits indicating maximum power in KM, rounded up;
L2 – no letter - chassis with single cab, D - chassis with double cab, V - van version

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