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Heating, ventilation, air conditioning for Transit 2019

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning for Transit MK9 produced since 2019 is a system of parts that ensures the maintenance of the set temperature and air circulation inside the van. The parts that allow warm air to enter the interior of the delivery vehicle are responsible for heating in the Ford Transit MK9. This is most important in countries with cold climates and during winter. Blowing warm air onto the windshield may facilitate defrosting of a frozen windshield or improve visibility through a fogged windshield. An important aspect from the driver's perspective is the airflow control panel - air temperature and airflow direction. Heater module is responsible for setting the correct temperature in the indicated range. Ventilation in the Ford Transit MK9 provides air circulation - both from the outside of the vehicle and inside it.

Air conditioning Transit 2019

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