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Front bumper cover Ford Transit 2014 new

Front bumper cover Ford Transit 2014 new


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Front bumper cover Ford Transit 2014 new

Front bumper cap is adapted for the Ford Transit MK8, which has been produced since 2014. Plastic cap, covers the hole for the towing eye in the front bumper. Front bumper Ford Transit, a brand new product made of high quality material. The manufacturer of this part is Trateo, which specializes in manufacturing parts for Ford Transit vehicles.

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK8 2014-2019

Part number:

BK31-17A989-AD5CND , BK3117A989AD5CND

BK31-17A989-AC5CND , BK3117A989AC5CND

BK31-17A989-AB5CND , BK3117A989AB5CND

BK31-17A989-AA5CND , BK3117A989AA5CND


1892565 , 1869528

1843934 , 1827653

Condition - new

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