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Ford Transit MK5 - monument of the 20th century

Ford Transit MK5 – at the end of 1994 Ford decided to introduce further changes to its flagship - Ford Transit van. Fifth Generation Ford Transit had redesigned front. It has a round radiator grille and more rounded headlights with bright direction indicators. However, the most visible changes in the Ford Transit MK5 are inside the vehicle. Ford Transit Mark V had completely new dashboard compared to its predecessor Ford Transit MK4. With the creation of the new generation, the Ford Transit could optionally be fitted with air conditioning, electrically operated front windows, electrically operated exterior mirrors and as well as driver and passenger airbags, lock for ford transit.

With the premiere of the new Ford Transit MK5, there were some additional options: new – multi valve gasoline engine with 2.0 liters (2.0 DOHC). The engine generated 84 kW (114 hp) at 5000 rpm. The gasoline engine was also offered in the Ford Scorpio car in the years 1993 - 1998. In addition, customers of the new Ford Transit van also had a choice of turbocharged diesel units with power: 63 kW (85 hp), 74 kW (100 hp), 85 kW (115 hp) with an electronic fuel pump.

Ford on the thirtieth anniversary of Ford Transit van presented in 1995 a limited series called: Transit Hallmark. Ford Transit Hallmark was produced in just 600 copies and was available only in three colors - 200 pieces each. Hallmark was equipped with a 2.5 liter (2.5 Di) diesel engine with 76 horsepower. From the outside, body-colored bumpers, stickers on the side of the vehicle and alloy wheels stood out. Inside, Ford Transit Hallmark has new front seat covers, electric windshields as standard, and a tachometer located on the dashboard.

Production of the Ford Transit MK5 model in Europe ended in spring 2000. Ford Transit MK5 in the years 1997 - 2000 was also assembled in Polish Ford plants in Płońsk, as well as in Koaceli (Turkey), Hải Dương (China) and Obaczk (Belarus). In Vietnam, the production of the Ford Transit MK5 model ended in 2003.

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