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Streamlined Ford Transit MK3

Ford Transit MK3 – the third generation of Ford Transit was produced in the years 1986 - 1991. In many different sources we will see completely different marks of this model. In the UK, the Ford Transit MK3 codenamed VE6 is called the second generation of Ford Transit, as well as its successors, Ford Transit MK4 and Ford Transit MK5. Further models in Great Britain were offered as second generation facelift. On the German market, Ford Transit MK3 was offered as the fourth generation of Ford Transit. Such a huge variety in terminology results primarily from the range of models offered in Great Britain (MK1 and MK2 offered as the same model) and in Western Europe.

Ford Transit MK3 made its market debut in January 1986 and immediately attracted the attention of many people. The completely new body structure, the windscreen and the front bonnet tilted practically the same angle, the larger load space and more modern body look of third generation was huge success in the commercial vehicle market. Thanks to the use of proven drive units from the last facelift of the MK2 model (1978 - 1985), Ford Transit Mark 3 was characterized by remarkable reliability. In 1989, Ford management decided to upgrade the 3.0 Essex V6 unit replacing it with a 2.9-liter EFI V6 engine. This step was mainly caused by strict emission regulations. The Essex V6 was offered on the market for 25 years and continued to use the carburetor. Ford Transit MK3 finally adopted the code name VE6, but in the initial design and construction phase it was known as "Triton". In our shop you will find a Ford Transit MK3 exhaust manifold that works perfectly with Pinto engines.

Ford Transit MK3

The third generation of Ford Transit was produced at the Southampton factory in Great Britain and Koacela in Turkey. Like its predecessors, it was offered in many body styles: Classic Van, Combi, Chassis cab, Bus, Camper. The manufacturer's offer also included special versions such as Ford Transit Country 4x4 characterized by a suspension lift and all-wheel drive.

Production of Ford Transit MK3 ended in 1992, when Ford presented the fourth generation of Ford Transit, considered by many as a subtle facelift of the MK3 model.

Pinto I4 Pinto I4 EFI V6 Essex V6 York I4
Capacity 1.6 2.0 2.9 3.0 2.4 2.5

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