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Fiat Talento – short Ducato

 In the years 1989–1994 a shortened version called Fiat Talento was also produced, which is the natural successor of the Fiat 242. The wheelbase relative to the Ducato was reduced from 2929 mm to 2315 mm. The vehicle was available in four different body styles: a van, a bus, a crate and camper bodies. In 2014, Fiat made an agreement with Renault, under which the production of a modern delivery vehicle called Fiat Talento began again. The van was presented for the first time at the Frankfurt 2016 show and had a lot of elements in common with Renault Trafic. Thus, the memory of the old van has been renewed, matching modern emissions requirements and modern style.

The decision to revive Fiat Talento also resulted from changes taking place in the delivery vehicle market. The competition was launching "small suppliers" and they were met with great interest from customers. The best example is the Ford Transit Custom launched in 2012, which is one of the most popular vans sold in the UK in the past decade. The solution, which didn’t work at the end of the 20th century, met with great interest 20 years later. This very well illustrates how much the commercial vehicle market has changed recently.

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