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Ford Transit Custom in 2013 earned the international title of the Van of the Year. Custom is the medium variant of the Ford Transit, ranks between smaller Connect and more Transit. Ford in new models still follows the chosen few years ago interior design. Also Custom interior remembers a well-know dashboard us with the smaller Fiesta MK7.

customback The new model Transit has many safety system and drives brillianty, so Customers who have chosen this model praise its driveability. Custom is available in two body variants: Tourneo - ideal for longer expeditions, for example in Europe, while the Transit Custom suited to for small and medium-sized that need commercial vehicle with dimensions slightly smaller than the large vans.

You can move around Custom every day, do not do it to impress anyone because the car looks really quite nice. Ford's new design was initiated with the entry on the market Ford Fiesta MK7 and was very warmly received. Modern cars and vans become more comfortable for the traveler, no longer in their spartan interior and petrol and diesel, which are found in do not work quite as loud as a few years ago.


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