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Electrical system, ignition Iveco Daily 2006 are parts as ignition switch, starter motor and others

Electrical system, ignition category consists of parts that are necessary to start and run the engine of Iveco Daily produced in 2006-2014. Modern engines without electrical and electronic systems and modules just won’t be able to run. Electronics are in control of starting and running the engine. Electronic modules set the amount of injected fuel by measuring many things such as the amount of intake air (MAF sensor). There are also modules which control the safety systems of the van such as the airbag module and others. In the electrical system, ignition category you will also find parts such as switches, ralays, buttons, wiring and many more.
Basic parts required to start the engine are: Ignition switch, clutch pedal position sensor, starter relay, and starter motor. If the engine cranks, PCM collects data from sensors and sending units of the engine and starts the ignition.
Besides basic electronic modules Iveco Daily IV is equipped with advanced modern modules controlling systems that ensure safety and fuel economy. Great example is the Start & Stop system which stops the engine when the clutch pedal is pressed when you stop in traffic. The GSI system is displaying suggested gear you should drive to ensure best performance and fuel economy.

Generator Iveco Daily 2006

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