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Body parts Iveco Daily 2006 are fender, grille, wing mirror

Bodywork parts of the Iveco Daily 2006 are spare and genuine parts for the exterior parts. In this category you will find door latches, door lock striker, exterior handle, bonnet, front bumper and any other part for the bodywork you need. Bodywork parts of the van can be divided into two main categories - exterior trim and exterior equipment. Exterior trim are parts that are made to improve the good appearance of the van. Exterior equipment are parts as door locks, door lock striker, bonnet, bonnet lock, sliding door roller guides, bumpers, fenders and exterior handles.
As the bodywork parts are exposed to weather conditions they are likely to rust. It’s important to regularly maintain parts as door locks by derusting and lubricating them. Door lock which jams and makes closing or opening the door difficult may drive anyone mad. Lubricating the lock will extend carefree operation of it.

Sheet metal parts Iveco Daily IV

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