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Ford Transit Custom Nugget 2024: The Latest Iconic Campervan

Caravanning is seeing a resurgence, and Ford isn't staying behind. The newly released Ford Transit Custom Nugget 2024 showcases impressive advancements that are worth a deeper dive. This edition of the camper van shows Ford's commitment to blending age-old excellence with current trends. This article offers insights into what sets it apart in the market.

Design and Drive Mechanism

The latest Transit Custom Nugget maintains the base model's design, introducing modifications like a roof overlay and a side awning. There's an expanded engine offering: a 170-hp 2.0 EcoBlue turbodiesel paired with an 8-speed auto transmission for diesel lovers, and a 232 hp plug-in hybrid that derives its tech from the Ford Kuga for eco-conscious drivers.
Ford Nugget 2024

Inside the Custom Nugget 2024

The heart of the Ford Transit Custom Nugget 2024 is its interior. Modern touches include an all-digital dashboard and a 13-inch touchscreen integrated with Ford SYNC 4 software for cloud-based navigation and wireless phone connectivity. The driver's area is ergonomically designed, featuring rotating front seats and a level floor. Distinct sections are allocated for living, sleeping, and cooking, with the kitchen boasting an 'L' shape for 20% more counter space and a newer refrigerator. Other refinements include soft-close doors and retractable cabinet handles.
The interior of the Transit Custom Nugget 2024

Cutting-Edge Tech Features

A 7-inch touchscreen manages most of the RV's functionalities, from regulating temperature to checking water and battery levels. The camper also boasts innovative LED lights and a rooftop solar panel, supplying excess energy for all onboard systems.

Wrapping up the Custom Nugget 2024

Marrying modern tech with essential campervan features, the Transit Custom Nugget 2024 is built on a trusted foundation with a unique rear suspension. Priced at €76,500 in Germany, it seeks to redefine motorhome standards. Its future in dominating the roads is yet to be seen. For van and RV components, explore our online store.
Ford Nugget 2024

Tracing the Ford Nugget's Roots

The Ford Nugget's story begins in 1986 with Ford collaborating with the renowned camper brand, Westfalia. Westfalia, known for setting camper trends for over half a century, has produced icons like the James Cook and Joker, based on Ford or Daimler frames, epitomizing top-notch quality, longevity, and safety. Westfalia's legacy started in 1844 with Johann Bernhard Knöbel's forge. But the game-changer emerged in the 1950s when Westfalia, upon a special client's request, crafted the "Camping Box", turning a standard VW van into a camper, becoming many travelers' aspiration. For authentic Ford components, visit our online store.

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