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2024 Ford Transit - reduced weight, new parts

If you're interested in the latest trends in the truck world then you'll definitely be paying attention to Ford's latest truck model. The 2024 Ford Transit may not be a new generation of minivan, but it promises new features and exciting solutions that are sure to make life easier for drivers and business owners. Does the facelifted version have a chance to win the title of Best Delivery Van of 2024? We invite you to read the article.

2024 Transit - digital gauges and SYNC 4

Let's start with the interior. Ford's European division has installed a set of 8-inch digital gauges for the 2024 Ford Transit. This means traditional analog gauges for speed, fuel status or coolant temperature is a thing of the past. The 12-inch touchscreen will give you easy access to all the vehicle's main functions, from the navigation system to the communication system. And that's not enough, the SYNC 4 system also offers modern features such as 5G connection and OTA (Over The Air) updates. Find parts for Ford Transit in our online store.
New Transit 2024

New navigation system

SYNC 4 also provides access to a connected navigation system. The system will inform drivers about real-time traffic conditions for the first 12 months after purchase. Additionally, the system will allow you to easily find points of interest, such as gas stations or parking spaces. The integrated Pro Upfit system is another feature that will certainly come in handy on the job, providing body control from the factory screen. In the case of refrigerated trucks, the temperature inside the cargo compartment can be checked from the driving position.

Ford Transit 2024 safety systems

Security has also been improved to a higher level. The new 2024 Ford Transit will be equipped with an electronic pre-collision assistance system and automatic emergency braking as well as a lane-keeping assistance system. These features will improve safety not only for the driver but also for other road users. Delivery Assistant is Ford's answer to the express delivery industry's growing need to automate and speed up the delivery process. Most parts of the 2024 Ford Transit will be the same as in the 2019 version.
Ford Transit 2024 - SYNC 4

Lighter components and new gearbox

The new 8-speed automatic transmission for front-wheel drive variants should also not be overlooked. The introduction of the new transmission, along with lighter axles and brake components, has helped the 2024 Ford Transit reduce weight by up to 27 kg. The reduction in curb weight leads to increased load capacity, which is a major advantage. for trucks. The new transmission will not only improve performance but will also allow heavier loads to be towed, increasing the van's versatility. Ford Transit wheel axles version 2024 will definitely be available at our store.

Remote engine start system

Your 2024 Ford Transit may be equipped with a remote engine start system, which allows you to turn the ignition on from up to approximately 100 meters away. Whether it's a winter morning or a warm summer day, just press the button on the remote control and the remote engine start system will adjust the car's interior temperature to a comfortable level even before you get in. there. If your car is equipped with automatic air conditioning, you can configure it to turn on when starting the car remotely. If you have manual air conditioning, the system will operate at a setting that is activated when you turn off the vehicle.
Transit 2024 - starting the engine remotely

Ford Transit 2024 - launched

Ford Transit 2024 is more modern, more efficient and safer. This is a car model that will definitely attract the attention of drivers and transport company owners. With such a series of improvements, the 2024 Ford Transit is expected to set a new standard in the van segment. The first deliveries of this modernized truck are expected in summer 2024. Are you ready for a breakthrough? The 2024 Ford Transit is waiting to define a new era for trucks. You may also be interested in the above text Ford Tourneo Connect 2023.

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