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Winter Trateo tests

Place: Poland / Toruń / racetrack

During the entire day of testing, air temperature was -10 degrees Celsius. Tested suspension components which we installed the previous day to testing Ford Transit had to face with severe track trails. Transit Drift Bus was hired to us for tests from befriended Transit Center company. Behind the wheel of this high-performance car sat the European Drifting Champion Maciej Polody. During the tests, he used the full potential of the Ford Transit MK7 to the limit. Every turn was defeated in a controlled slip confronting snow lying on the track, which made difficult to predict movements of Transit and control over the vehicle. With such extreme conditions prevailing on that day, we can confidently say that the Trateo’s hub deserved medal. As we know, wheel hubs are part of connecting the wheels of our car with fixed axles suspension. Thanks to them - wheels can rotate. For our tests, mostly they were exposed to the overload during the track tests in Torun. Huge overload during turns several times exceeding the load from normal operation, and high speed doesn’t hurt our Piast in the slightest. After all-day tests, they still looked like new and retain their properties. They have been subjected to detailed testing in the technical resort - Transit Center Motorsport, which was responsible for preparing the first World Drift Bus, as well as many other rally cars, which successfully gained recognition in the motorsport culture. The test results were so good that all the tested components were sent to mass production. Soon you will be able to buy them at our distributor and Transit Center online stores in the whole Europe!

Thanks to Motopark Torun for lending facility for testing.

Thanks to Maciej Polody for pure professionalism.

team Trateo Ltd.

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