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How to prepare light commercial vehicle for winter?

Winter can be quite difficult for both people and vans. The lifespan of our automobiles is significantly impacted by the below-freezing weather, salt-coated roads, and persistent snow. Preparing our vans for the challenges of winter wonderfully encapsulates the ancient adage "prevention is better than cure." We may avoid unneeded tension by taking a few easy actions. How can I get my van ready for the winter? Which vehicle components should be ordered in advance? Check out the article.

Maintain the brake system in your van

On an icy and snowy road surface, a vehicle's stopping distance lengthens noticeably. The state of the tyres, the quality and cleanliness of the brakes, the proper response and visibility, and the type of road surface you are driving on are all factors that affect stopping distances.

This is why we should check the condition of our braking system before the first frost hits. Do not hesitate to replace the old components, as they have a real impact on your safety and that of other road users. You will find Ford Transit brake pads in our online shop. For customers, we have also prepared special sets of original brake discs and pads tailored to specific versions of vans.

Purchase winter windshield washer liquid.

Purchasing and replacing winter windshield washer fluid is the quickest and least expensive way to get your vehicle ready for the winter. It is made to function in cold climates so that it doesn't freeze. Winter windshield washer fluid is beneficial for both increasing vision and for defrosting a frozen windscreen. To avoid driving with a filthy windscreen, it is worthwhile to purchase an extra bottle and keep it with you in the boot.
Ford Transit Snow

Increasing visibility with illumination and windshield wipers

Winter's one distinct feature is that darkness descends relatively sooner in the day. Along with the thaw, mud and salt mixtures are present, which might cause streaks on our windscreens. This is why it's crucial to check the condition of your windshield wipers. For a Ford Transit, worn-out wiper blades do not adequately remove water and cause streaks, compromising sight and driving comfort. Additionally, changing wiper blades is a simple task that even a beginner can complete.
The lighting, however, is the most crucial element for visibility on the road. All drivers are accountable for a vehicle's effective, properly adjusted lighting. Therefore, we advise replacing these parts right away if a lamp or bulb has been damaged or burned out. Low temperatures or salt on the roads might exacerbate a fractured headlight on a Ford Transit. A flaw like this shouldn't be taken lightly because a broken headlight can harm us quickly, even while we're driving. After inspecting the vehicle's lights, it is best to get them adjusted in a garage.

Difficulties starting a bus

The most frequent occurrence in winter is when a van won't start. There are a number of things that might cause this, but the most frequent ones are a weak battery, a clogged ford transit fuel filter, frozen fuel lines, burned-out spark plugs, and an ineffective alternator. While the engine is running, it is worthwhile to check the battery's state of charge and voltage at the clamps. This will help to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

Coolant appropriate for the season

Our van's coolant needs to be adjusted to the temperature outdoors. The incorrect coolant for a Ford Transit even has the potential to harm the engine block mechanically. We advise using genuine Ford operating fluids that are suited to various weather situations as a result. To verify the coolant's freezing point, tests are also offered on the market. A malfunctioning cooling system can cause leaks and significant engine overheating damage to your vehicle.
Ford Transit Winter

Remember to switch to winter tires

When the average daily temperature drops below 7°C, it is advised to switch from summer to winter tires. Don't put off changing your tires until it starts to snow at the last minute because this is when the garages are jam-packed. The opportunity to have the wheels aligned and have the studs and nuts on the wheels inspected is ideal when changing the tires. The Ford Transit wheel nut is so inexpensive that purchasing extras is worthwhile. The wheels of our car are securely fastened to the hub because of the wheel nuts.

An overview of winterizing your van

The most crucial advice on how to winterize your vehicle is provided in this article. We advise avoiding damage that could render your car inoperable for weeks. It is also advisable to equip yourself with oil, lock defroster, and a particular gasket preparation as a practical suggestion. A frozen lock on a van without a central locking feature might be a serious issue. Faults should be lubricated with a suitable preparation because they are exposed to the cold as well. Don't let winter catch you off guard and keep in mind that our online store has the parts you require for your Ford Transit and other vans.

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