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Ford Transit Trail - modern 4x4 van

Ford is one of most popular and recognizable automotive brand on the world. In the past, Ford decided to build three generation of SuperVan for promotional purpose. This time, it made something even better! Four wheel drive

Transit Trail - pros and cons

The interesting things that distinguish the Ford Transit Trail from the basic version include:
- a large multimedia Sync 3 screen located in the middle of the dashboard,
- smooth, leather seats (unfortunately without adjustment options),
- a rear view camera (cool thing for the van!),
- driving comfort just up to 90 km/h (it gets loud with higher speed),
- a lot of modern technologies: collision avoidance system, track assistant, pedestrian detection,
- reinforced
leaf spring for Ford Transit,
- intelligent suspension system that adjusts to the weight and arrangement of items in the loading space.

Transit Trail Sync screen

We had the chance to test this truck in city, race track and off-road . It's the best in everyday routine - transporting packages, unloading items, driving in urban conditions and between cities. The van with 4x4 drive unfortunately have some weaknesses because of its drive. Firstly, it gets very noisy in the driver's cab during driving above 100 km/h. Another con is poor short transmission, that doesn't make much difference on long trip, but can be iritating when driving in the city.

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