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We are sending parts, despite COVID-19

The whole world is currently plunged into chaos and disinformation resulting from the information overload of coronavirus and COVID-2019 disease. Schools, borders and shopping malls are closed. Our company has taken the necessary actions to ensure safe and sterile working conditions for all employees. Thanks to this Transit Center is still functioning normally - it accepts orders, responds to customer inquiries, sends parts without any delay. The period of quarantine and epidemiological threat is the perfect time to indulge in the repair of your van. That is why we have recently introduced additional discounts on used engines and drive axles to our customers in the store.

Courier companies have introduced additional restrictions to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. These include::
- no need to sign when collecting the parcel,
- maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters between the courier and the customer,
- the possibility of contactless delivery with earlier payment by PayPal or bank transfer,
- some courier companies have equipped couriers with payment terminals enabling non-cash payments.

Transit Center Delivery

Courier companies, just like the Transit Center, operate normally. Thanks to that we have the possibility of timely delivery of needed parts to virtually any place in Europe, without major delays. We recommend that all orders be placed online and just #stayathome.

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