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Ford Transit - How To Build A Camper Van?

Many traveling enthusiasts dream of creating their own motorhome, which could be used to conquer the whole world. The limited loading space creates unlimited residential possibilities. One thing is enough for a makeshift mattress, others complement the car with a kitchen, and still others create autonomous, independent projects.

Ford Transit - Own project or ready construction?

Most people planning to buy / build a van bring this case to the financial criterion. A personally prepared project is a cheaper solution. Especially that we don’t have to do everything in one moment. Independent work will surely bring more pleasure and love to the vehicle itself. Performing the reconstruction itself can also meet your own, specific expectations. Everything is nice... so why would anyone be interested in buying a complete motorhome? When someone is financially independent and have no time - then he will prefer to go with ready solution. Such a person can be sure that the camperan will be created by professionals. This guarantees stability, provides a kind of comfort. During your DIY you can do a lot of damage, including irreversible damage. The decision should therefore depend on individual possibilities and preferences. Each solution has good and bad sides! If, however, you would decide to change the van into a motorhome, we have some basic tips for you.

Ford Transit - How to change a van in a motorhome?

1. Choose right version/generation of Transit van.

The first step should be choosing the right version of a Ford utility van. As you well know, every generation of Transit van looks in different way. You must adapt the selection to your own needs and financial possibilities. Classics enthusiasts will start looking for models MK1 and MK2. People who need more space will need to choose a version with a high Jumbo roof. The MK3 - MK5 models should be the cheapest. Remember, however, that a lot depends on the condition of the engine as well as the body itself. It is easier to work on a modest, well-preserved model than a leaky cheese.

2. Design the changes you want to make!

If you already have a Ford Transit van on which you can work, you should start planning. Measure the surface of a potential bed, arrange the placement of basic things - the bed itself can be suspended from the ceiling. It is at this stage that you should decide whether you need a dining corner, how many cabinets can fit, whether there will be a sink, space for bicycles...

3. Act!

At this stage, there is nothing else but to take action. Remember that your every move limits your possibilities in the future. Each cut hole in the Transit body, each welded element will reduce the number of possible variations and changes. One of the first steps can be proper insulation of your Transit and the application of appropriate panels inside the vehicle. At the next stage, it is worth placing the bed to see how much real space has been inside. Do not do everything at once. Step by step, stage after stage, develop your great project. After completing the individual stages of remodeling, take your vehicle on a short journey. Check how the new elements react to driving – is something require more stabilization or support? You should also consider bringing electrical sockets to the rear of the vehicle. Do not forget that it is YOUR individual project. You can put whatever you want in it. From the stone oven, through the gold fish to the hammock hung between the kitchen and the bedroom..

4. Travel!

The most important stage! Just get in the Ford Transit and hit the road! You do not have to wait for the entire project to be completed! Start with the most important things, go on a journey and check what you miss the most. Then treat this element as the next goal of your amazing project. The truth is that there will always be something to fix. However, you can not lose yourself in constant corrections and rebuildings, because you can forget about the main goal of your actions: ADVENTURE!
Remember to also take care of the technical preparation of the vehicle. Overcoming a large number of kilometers causes natural wear of certain components, which are constantly replaced - fuel filters, air filters, brake pads. You can find all of these parts for the Ford Transit van on our website! What are you waiting for? Take care of your own dreams!

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