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Parts - new or used? Original or replacement?

Every owner of a car was in a situation in which it was necessary to exchange parts. Since you are on this site, there is a high chance that we are talking about you! Sometimes minor defects can prevent driving, which often blocks the entire company. Once the defect has been localized and we know the list of items that are required to be replaced, we can go to review the parts available on the shop. We have to decide whether we want to buy - new or used parts. An additional criterion is quality. We may purchase original parts, PREMIUM replacement parts (branded) or take advantage of low-quality spare parts available on the market. Each solution has its pros and cons, which will be presented below.

Ford Transit Parts

The first category was made due to the state of the product. In our shop you can buy both: new and used parts. New parts give us the greatest guarantee of safety and durability. Due to the no use - their longevity is the longest. An additional plus of the new parts is the manufacturer's warranty. It gives us comfort because in a specific given time we can expect to receive a new part when a fault occurs. Of course, this is largely dependent on the individual manufacturer's warranty conditions. The biggest, if not the only, downside to new parts is their price. They are very often set in advance, and the greater the number of intermediaries through which sales are going - the higher is their price. It is worth buying parts at official distribution points or from a trusted source. Used parts are the solution after which we reach, in principle, for financial reasons. When you need to quickly repair / replace an item. This is a common practice, because used parts can be even several times cheaper than their new counterparts. Used products are not guaranteed. There is no possibility of their complaint as a result of failure after eg month. In addition, we are never sure where the items come from, or whether the previous owner took care of the maintenance of his vehicle. These parts are also characterized by lower service life, depending on the degree of wear. Fortunately, when you buy in our store, you can be calm. Parts used are checked before being put up for sale. Parts that are badly damaged, unsuitable for use, are not sold.

The next breakdown is for the source of the part - from which the manufacturer comes from. Guarantees of compatibility and good quality are the original parts. These are the same parts as the ones that were originally in our van recently after production. They go to mass production vehicles. Logic suggests that it is recommended to replace with the original parts. However, this is a very costly solution. The amount of money needed to purchase all the original parts alone can exceed the value of the vehicle itself several times. In addition, you need to make sure which specific parts you need. It happens that every tube, gasket or other small item you will have to pay separately. The other thing is the case with high quality substitutes. Manufacturers of these elements very often come to the problem holistically. Using their knowledge and experience, they modify the original parts gently or attach them to the set with other components needed for replacement.

What's more, the PREMIUM substitutes do not depart from the original quality and their price is much lower. For example, it can be used in the winter test hubs, more about HERE. If you can get high quality, long life parts at a relatively lower price then it’s probably worth of candle game. Our store is the official distributor of TRATEO branded spare parts. It is a UK registered company that meets European standards as well as the requirements of the largest automotive industry. The last option is to buy low quality spare parts (very often with an unknown origin or an unknown brand). This is the solution that requires the least financial effort. Unfortunately, choosing the parts of this type should be expected with their short service life and low quality of workmanship. Frequently they are not guaranteed, but there are exceptions to this rule.

Choosing the right item depends on a number of factors - financial opportunities, emergency situations, or parts availability. The choice you make depends on you! When buying used or low quality parts you have to rely on their shortened life span. Sometimes it is better to pay more, treat the purchase of parts as an investment in the future. It is also worth to consider buying high-end substitutes, whose value for money is simply the best!

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