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Ford Transit Trophy - RACE OF SUPPLYERS!

Ford Transit Trophy

Ford Transit - a commercial vehicle with an unmatched history and one hundred of versions. We associate him as a delivery van, a tow truck, or a camper ... Did you know that the Transit Ford races were organized? Time to move in time to 2010-2011! The competition were organized in Portugal on the races in Braga, Estoril, Vila Real, Portimão, Falperra and Jarama. The Ford dealers, as well as individual enthusiasts, took part in this event. In November 2011, managed to gather 10 teams fighting for the trophy!

Technical Specifications

The vehicles used in the race were powered by 173 hp Duratorq 2.2 four-cylinder diesel engines (different source: 185 hp). The mass of vehicles (eg Ford Transit 260S 2.2 Duratorq TDCi) was 1450-1600 kg. Vans used adjustable shock absorbers with BILSTEIN B8 springs and EIBACH springs.


Ford Transit Trophy modification

Individual modifications depended on race participants. The most important change to ensure safety and bodywork is a cage commonly used in rally vehicles. Another cosmetic change was the suspension system - but it was a very solid construction in the original! Swing armrests on the stiffer units.The mask, the door as well as the back flap were made of carbon fiber, and polycarbonate side windows.

Trivia Ford Transit Trophy

Ford Transit Trophy - flying van

The drivers entered some corners at such speed that two wheels hovered in the air.

In the 2011 season the territorial range of the races expanded to Spain - two were held in Madrid and the other in October at the Circuito de Jerez (GT Championship of Spain).

Famous European rally drivers took part in the races.

Unfortunately, this idea died of natural death. But we keep our fingers crossed that someone will be able to realize this great undertaking in the future. Maybe in a slightly different form? Considering the universality of Ford Transit, an interesting idea would be races of different versions and generations - from the ambulance, the ambulance to the sporty vehicles! Similar competitions are held in the United States, but they are not limited to one car.

Do you know that ... ?

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